Business Intelligence Solution

Tech2Go brings Information Technology and Business Intelligence solutions to advertise your business

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Taxi Partners

Tech2Go has partnered with several taxi companies: Dollar, Airport Taxis (ASSI), CDR World, Laverne, etc. Our taxi fleets are also expanding quickly, giving your brand the chance to reach a wider audience and to make an emotional connection with your consumers.

Taxi passengers will view the ads as the sole source of entertainment in their stressful and boring journey in the congested Metro Manila traffic. This scenario provides fertile ground for viewing the Tech2Go ad in an emotionally engaged manner which would lead to a lasting impact and higher recall of your ads

Free Ads Analytics

Our ads monitoring system enables advertising agencies and business owners to instantly locate the broadcast of their ads placement. This real time monitoring system provides you with valuable information on precisely when and where your content is being viewed by your target audience.

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Ads you can Verify

When you place your ads in our system, you can verify the ads display on the actual units to ensure the effectiveness of your ads and enhance your actual sales

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Multi-Media Ads

Each Tech2Go system plays a set of multi-media advertisements in sequences and loops, managed from our cloud servers. Passengers of these taxis will be able to enjoy your ads repeatedly during the trip.

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Do you know ...

For every 100 devices on taxis, you can reach about 150,000 passengers per month and about 500,000 ad spots. These niche market of middle income young professionals, students, tourists will watch your ads intensively through Tech2Go. systems.

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Get it Now!

Get your business ads up and running even quicker! By popular demand we now have Geo-Location Ads available for you!

Tech2Go Services

1Tech2Go’s main service is ads placement inside taxis at the back of taxi headrests, to optimize visibility to passengers.

Ads Placement

2Tech2Go’s affordable television-like ads offers small, medium or large companies the possibility of promoting your brand, products or services on the move.

Ads You Can Verify

3 Instead of burning your money for ads, Tech2Go helps you to deliver sales results. Our system provides feedback on the actual sales that your ads will produce.

Effective Ads

4Now you can announce your new product or services or spread the word about your company’s brand and still keep within your marketing budget.

Television on the Move

Tech2Go brings Information Technology and Business Intelligence solutions to advertise your business.

Tech2Go - Television on the Move

Tech2Go – Television on the Move

Tech2Go is a media company in the Philippines offering Information Technology and Business Intelligence solutions to the marketing industry. It provides alternative media solutions that allow advertisements to reach out more effectively to a target audience’s favorite mobile media such as smartphones, tablets and websites.

Tech2Go has smart tablets strategically installed inside a growing number of taxis in Metro Manila. These tablets are customized to provide a tv-like medium for displaying multi-sensory ads to taxi passengers as they travel through the city traffic. The smart tablets are also connected via internet to our cloud computer servers, enabling our system to remotely update the ad programming, transmit collected data on the road, and automatically display summarized information on the web to our clients.